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4 of the Best Things You Will Find at Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium

A trip to the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium is fun for the whole family. Maritime enthusiasts and sea life lovers will enjoy the center’s range of exhibits and activities. It’s one of the best things to do in Pine Knoll Shores, NC! After spending a day at the Pine Knoll Shor... View the full post »

3 of the Best Emerald Isle Boat Ramps for Your Boating Trip

If you are a boating enthusiast, take the opportunity to cruise your vessel around the waters of Emerald Isle. The Crystal Coast is known for its easy access to boating facilities and culture, and Emerald Isle is a gorgeous place to set out on the water. These Emerald Isle boat ramps are three gr... View the full post »

3 of the Best Beach Homes for Weekend Getaways in NC for Families

North Carolina is a beautiful state. It features a range of settings and landscapes and a great mix of urban and rural environments. Many of them are great locations for weekend getaways for families in NC, but the beaches of the Crystal Coast stand out from the crowd. The crown jewel of the gor... View the full post »

3 Great Dog Friendly Beaches in NC Your Pet Will Love!

As the saying goes, dog is a man’s best friend. However, we know they can even be members of the family. When you go on vacation, you shouldn’t have to leave your furbaby with strangers. There are some amazing dog friendly beaches in NC that you and your pet can visit and enjoy tog... View the full post »

Make Waves!: 3 of the Best Paddle Board Rentals in Emerald Isle, NC

The Paradise Coast has so many amazing oceanside activities to enjoy. Great fishing, seafood restaurants, and cultural events abound. If you come to the coast, though, your trip won’t be complete until you have some fun in the water! Paddle boarding is a great way to explore the area... View the full post »

3 Amazing North Carolina Beaches Your Family Will Love!

Sparkling water, sandy shores, and lots of sunshine are the hallmarks of these beautiful North Carolina beaches. The Crystal Coast, unique because of its natural beauty and elegance, is home to many of the best beaches in the state. If you’re looking for a great ocean vacation, this ... View the full post »

Plan a Trip to One of the Best Beaches Near Charlotte!

When you’re ready to leave your landlocked urban paradise behind for a few days of sun and sand, schedule a trip to one of the best beaches near Charlotte: Emerald Isle. The island community on the North Carolina Coast is a beautiful coastal town with everything that makes a beac... View the full post »

Get the Best for Your Boat at Dudley's Marina!

Dudley’s Marina, located in nearby Swansboro, NC, has been providing top-quality marina services to the North Carolina coast for 78 years. Boasting the “largest, most complete bait and tackle store in the area,” Dudley’s Marina is one of the best places on the Crystal Coast to ... View the full post »

Why You Will Love Amazing Emerald Isle Fishing

The North Carolina Coast is an amazing place to come experience all the facets of a wonderful oceanside vacation. Gorgeous beaches, great seafood, excellent surfing, and all kinds of fun activities you can only do on the water are available to people who bring their families to the Cry... View the full post »

Check Out 5 of the Best Emerald Isle Events!

Sometimes you just want to get away, shut down your phone, and avoid human contact for a week (or until properly rejuvenated). It’s understandable. But, what about those times when you’ve been buried under mountains of work, snowed in for the winter, or otherwise barred from the re... View the full post »

Why You'll Love the Amazing New Bogue Inlet Pier

The Bogue Inlet Pier is an Emerald Isle institution. Here almost as long as the community itself, it has been enjoyed by locals and visitors alike for generations. The pier stretches out into the water of the inlet approximately 1,000 feet. There is plenty of room for everyone to cast ... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About the Rachel Carson Reserve

The Rachel Carson Reserve is one of North Carolina’s most precious natural areas. Not to be missed, it is a stunning example of the state’s pristine wetland habitat. It is home to many species of flora and fauna and a bird-watchers paradise. If enjoying the serenity of nature is in... View the full post »

Enjoy an Amazing Day at Stunning Hammocks Beach State Park!

Hammocks Beach State Park is a beautiful expanse of nature with both mainland and island areas available for you and your family to enjoy. Water lovers will find many things to do here. Kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding are all popular pastimes for visitors. Unspoiled maritime forest ... View the full post »

Have the Best Luck at the Amazing Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Day Festival

The Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Day Festival is one of the best ways to celebrate on the Crystal Coast. A long-standing community celebration, the festival is open to everyone. It’s a great way to get the whole family outside for some holiday fun this St. Patrick’s Day!When you co... View the full post »

What You’ll See at the North Carolina Maritime Museum

The North Carolina Maritime Museum is a collection of three historic centers located on the North Carolina coast. The museum in beautiful Beaufort, just a short drive from Emerald Isle, features a number of creative exhibits and rare artifacts for lovers of coastal history. It also hos... View the full post »