5 Tips on a having a Pet Friendly Beach Vacation

5 Quick Tips on having a Beach Vacation with your Dog

Travelling with man's best friend comes with a couple challenges. Reading through this quick list may help you be a bit more prepared!

1. Pick a dog-friendly beach spot... this includes accommodations!

Luckily, the beaches of Emerald Isle as a whole are dog friendly. You must, however, obey the usual leash and scoop the poop laws. Insider tip: within the town and our private communities these rules are strictly enforced.

We love being able to offer dog friendly homes but be sure to double check the policy of your chosen home before reserving as bringing a dog into a home when not allowed ends up being quite a costly affair. To take a quick view of our dog friendly homes simply follow this link.


2. Don't forget the shade and fresh water.

We humans love that the sun is warm, and the water is salty, however, our furry companions can only take the heat for a little bit. Not all rental homes offer portable umbrellas so be sure to throw an extra one in your beach going gear... oh, and don't forget the bowls and extra bottles of fresh water! Follow this link for some great collapsable dog bowls to make it that much easier for your fur baby!

3. Teach your dog to swim, steer clear of choppy waters.

Much to most people's surprise, not all dogs can swim! Be sure to ease your dog into the water, guide him gently, and be extra mindful of the water conditions. If the waves are too rough, maybe they would prefer to enjoy the dog days of summer underneath the umbrella instead. Follow this link to brush up on doggie swimming lessons.

4. Rinse well.

That's right, be sure to rinse your dog well after leaving the beach for the day. Bring your favorite dog shampoo on the trip as salt water is known to dry out even the silkiest coat of fur. All of our homes are equipped with hoses and outdoor showers which will make the process that much easier. Again, be sure to get all of the sand and salt out of his fur before you hang up your flip flops for the day.

5. Have an exit plan.

You are on vacation right? Your pup is on vacation right? Right! In some situations, dogs that travel are fine with new surroundings and just tend to lay around and relax (just as we all hope to do on vacay) but in other situations visiting dogs are NOT happy being left alone in a strange home with strange noises. Please plan ahead for this and everyone in the surrounding homes, your homeowner, as well as your four-legged friend will be much happier. Many folks bring kennels (if you need an extra towel to lay it on just ask), favorite toys, and dog beds. Others simply hire dog walkers and/or drop their pooch off at doggie daycare if it'll be a long day away. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any recommendations for local dog walkers, which homes have pet gates, etc.

We hope to see you and your pooch on the beach soon!