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Emerald Isle vs Outer Banks: How to Choose the Best One for Your Family

If you’re looking for an amazing beach vacation in North Carolina, you may be wondering about the benefits of visiting Emerald Isle vs the Outer Banks. Each area has its own unique attributes, and there are definitely a few factors to consider before booking your next trip. Keep the following information in mind when deciding where to take your family to relax and unwind.

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Emerald Isle vs the Outer Banks: What You Need to Know

Warmer Water

This should definitely be a consideration when looking at Emerald Isle vs the Outer Banks for your family trip, especially if you have small children. Emerald Isle usually has a more placid wave pattern. Unless you’re a family of avid surfers looking for your next giant wave to chase, this is a good thing. It means your children will usually be able to play in the water during both low and high tide (with close adult supervision, of course). The beach remains fairly wide during high tide, so there is still plenty of room to enjoy building sand castles, playing games, etc.

Less Crowding

The Outer Banks is a popular destination with many hotels, motels, and inns. On the other hand, Emerald Isle is primarily residential, and most of the rental options are vacation homes as opposed to massive multi-unit dwellings. Hence, Emerald Isle generally has lower population density. You won’t usually have to fight to find the perfect spot on the beach or spend an extra 20 minutes looking for parking spaces. The atmosphere is laid-back, family oriented, and neighborly.

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