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Have the Best Family Fun Day at This Emerald Isle Water Park!

One of the hardest things about taking a family vacation is finding something that your children will genuinely enjoy. With various games, toys, extracurricular activities, and other things always keeping your family busy during your normal routine, vacations have a lot to live up to. As the list of things your kids have to do every day becomes longer, so does their need for stimulation. Shortening attention spans mean less time until you hear the dreaded phrase, "I’m bored!” Luckily, this Emerald Isle water park has everything needed to keep your children engaged, active, and having fun! Visit The Salty Pirate!

The Salty Pirate is an amazing Emerald Isle water park that you and your children will love! Make sure you know about all of the other fun things for your kids to enjoy during your family vacation. Download our complimentary Vacation Guide to get inside information on the best of the island! It’s a wonderful way to find out about everything that’s happening on the Crystal Coast. Discover amazing outdoors activities, beaches, community cultural events, restaurants, and more without having to search for them one by one. Take some of the stress out of vacation planning, and browse our page before you start scheduling your family’s trip to North Carolina’s beautiful Crystal Coast!


Why Your Family Will Love the Emerald Isle Water Park

The Salty Pirate - the premier Emerald Isle water park -has plenty of fun water-based attractions that kids and adults both love. There are plenty of water slides using both mats and tubes. There are also wading pools for when you just want to take a dip to cool off. Sit under the big blue umbrellas while the children play in the special kid’s area. A day here is the perfect alternative to another beach day. Enjoy some water without the sand!

Bring your snacks to eat or buy something from the small cafe on site. There are plenty of tables and chairs for when you want to take a lunch break. When the kids want some variety, the arcade has plenty of games for them to play.

Emerald Isle Water Park: Location and Hours

Visit The Salty Pirate Emerald Isle Water Park at 8915 Reed Drive, Emerald Isle, North Carolina, 28594. Contact them at 252-354-2609.

The Salty Pirate is open seven days a week. Go have a wonderful time between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. (On Saturdays, go early for the best parking.)

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