Flounder Surf: What You Need to Know About This Emerald Isle Fishing Tournament

Emerald Isle is known for its great fishing, and anglers love to take full advantage of this prime location. Booking a fishing trip to Emerald Isle is one of the best ways to experience a week of relaxation with family and friends. However, the area is also known for events that showcase the more competitive side of the sport. Fishing tournaments are wonderful events here, and they’re fun for anglers and observers alike. The Flounder Surf Fishing Tournament is a perfect example. This particular Emerald Isle fishing tournament is a community event sponsored by Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation.

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Flounder Surf: An Amazing Emerald Isle Fishing Tournament

The Flounder Surf Fishing Tournament is a great time for fishing enthusiasts and the Emerald Isle community at large. It is unique in that it requires all flounder be caught by fishing on foot. (This means no charters or boats are allowed. Anglers must use the pier, inlet, sound, or fish in the surf off the island’s shore.) The contest extends along the shoreline from Emerald Isle all the way to Fort Macon.

This Emerald Isle fishing tournament is in its 11th year. The 2017 installment of the event will take place from Saturday, September 1 to Saturday, September 30. Registration for the competition is free. Participants can sign up from August 14 to September 14. For more information, contact Sheila Lowe at (252) 354-6350.

Come Back for Another Emerald Isle Fishing Tournament

You’ll have an amazing time at the Flounder Surf Fishing Tournament this fall. For another great fishing event on the Crystal Coast, plan to come back for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. Held annually in June, this is a well-loved Emerald Isle fishing tournament and another exciting time for the community!

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