Enjoy an Amazing Day at Stunning Hammocks Beach State Park!

Hammocks Beach State Park is a beautiful expanse of nature with both mainland and island areas available for you and your family to enjoy. Water lovers will find many things to do here. Kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding are all popular pastimes for visitors. Unspoiled maritime forest also graces the park, which means there is an abundance of different wildlife and flora to enjoy.

When you get ready for your visit to Hammocks Beach State Park, make sure you download our complimentary Vacation Guide! It’s full of ideas on more things to experience while you’re here, like amazing restaurants, interesting attractions, and ways to enjoy the beauty and culture of the North Carolina coast. When you’re done with your day at the beach, you’ll have no problem deciding on your family’s next awesome excursion! Keep the Vacation Guide handy to ensure a great time during your next trip to the beautiful Emerald Isle!

Hammocks Beach State Park Campsite

There are several options for camping at Hammocks Beach State Park. You can pitch your tent at a primitive campsite on the beach or the inlet. There are fourteen spots reserved for family camping, which can fit about two tents (six people) each. Campsites are open year-round, but facilities are winterized from Mid-November to mid-March (meaning you’ll need to bring your own water. Also, please note that fires are not allowed. When you come, pack light, as you’ll need to be able to carry your supplies to your site from the beach or ferry dock.

Hammocks Beach State Park Fishing and Boating

Bear Island is considered the “Crown Jewel” of Hammocks Beach State Park and is where many of the park’s activities take place. Fishing on Bear Island can yield a great catch at any time of year, but the Fall season is generally the best. When you cast your line, expect to find puppy drum, flounder, trout a blue fish. Make sure you get your Coastal Recreational Fishing License first!

You can also travel to Bear Island via your private boat or marine taxi. If using your own boat, be sure to stick to the ferry route, as venturing into the inlet can be dangerous. Explore the marsh via canoe or kayak. Look for markers designating points of interest along the route. The paddle trails are a great way to get acquainted with the stunning wetlands of the island.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images | jwdorris