How to Sign your Reservation Documents in our Guest Portal.

That's right, you can now complete your Vacation Rental Agreement online!

No more printing, faxing, and mailing... the digital era is in full swing, and we here at Spinnaker's Reach Realty are joining in on the fun. This blog will give you a quick tutorial of how to sign in and where to find your personal account information.

Step One: Finding your account login information

All of the confirmation emails received by our automatic system will include your login information.

This screenshot will show you where to find your personal log in information on every confirmation email. This also includes the emails you receive once a payment has been made.

Your Confirmation Email

Step Two: Logging into the Guest Portal

On the far right of our homepage, you will see Login on the main menu. Navigate through the drop down and you will find the screen shown here. You can also simply click here.

Login from our Homepage

Step Three: Managing Your Reservation

This is an easy one... click on the first option! You want to manage/view your reservation.
Choose your reservation

Step Four: Choose your Reservation

Highlight the reservation you would like to confirm and then click the Manage/View Reservation button below.
Sign your documents online!

Step Five: Open your Lease Agreement

Click the Sign Lease Agreement Box.
Sign your Vacation Lease Agreement

Step Five: Sign your Lease Agreement!

Read through the Vacation Rental Agreement. Once the terms are understood, click on the highlighted yellow box to sign.

Click the " I Accept" button below and you are all finished! Stamps and trees successfully SAVED!

Please know that if you would like to print the VRA, you do have that as an option and know that we will always accept printed and signed copies.

Sign your lease agreement online!

It's as easy as that! If you have any further questions or issues please do not hesitate to give us a call 252-354-5555 or send us a quick email! We are here to help!